The Stables at Palmer Gulch

Meet The Husteds, Jim & Erica, husband and wife team and owners of The Stables At Palmer Gulch, formerly known as Dakota Badland Outfitters.

About Us

The Husted’s formed Dakota Badland Outfitters in 1990 and in the spring of 1991 began leading pack mules and horseback vacationers into the Badlands National Park and the Black Hills National Forest. These multi-day adventure vacations were always memorable, frequently challenging, and sometimes exciting. Western Horseman Magazine featured one such expedition in 1994.

“Good Times In The Badlands ‘South Dakota’s Husted family can show you around in Old West style’.”

In the months that followed Dakota Badland Outfitters enjoyed favorable press in several popular publications.

Historical Harney Peak lookout tower was to be given a facelift in 1994. This magnificent stone lookout tower was originally built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. back in the depression era of the 1930s’. Located in the center of a vast wilderness area, at over 7200 feet above sea level this renovation project was going to be anything but easy. Dakota Badland Outfitters was chosen to be the pack crew for this ambitious project. Every bag of concrete, every nail, nut and board, had to be hauled to the worksite on the back of a mule. Packing over 60,000 pounds of building materials through the The Black Elk Wilderness Area up the winding mountain trail using nothing but pack mules and determination, the success of this endeavor was a source of pride for the entire crew. A string of good mules and some gritty cowboys played an important role in preserving the lookout tower you see today.

In 2000 the managers at Palmer Gulch Resort invited the crew of DBO to take the helm of their horse operation. Palmer Gulch Stables had a very reputable and long-standing history in the Black Hills. Dating back over 60 years this trail ride barn had taken as many as a half-million people on horseback rides. The partnership proved to be very successful and the collaboration continues to this day.

Palmer Gulch Stables holds the premier trail ride license offered by the U.S. Forest Service in the Black Hills, a Norbeck Wildlife Preserve permit, and a Permit allowing access to the Black Elk Wilderness Area.